Touch is born from the strong belief that with a very low rate of financial inclusion, democratizing the access to financial technology will create a wealth of opportunities for millions of people across Africa. Founded in 2014, we provide merchants and businesses with unique solutions to accept all means of payment and distribute a large catalog of digitial services in all the countries we operate.

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Touch Pay API

Integrate  Touch  Pay APIs to your product  to personalize your customer journey and accept different means of payment .

Touch Web & Mobile

Accept all means of payment and ditribute a large catalog of digital services

Bulk Payment

Allows companies to make Bulk disbursements towards mobile wallets,in cash and pre-payed cards( salaries,contractors,vendors…)

Touch API

Integrate and customize Touch to your product and distribute a large catalog of digital services to your customers.

Touch Pay Web & Mobile

Touch Pay is an interface that allows merchants to accept differents means of payment both online and in points of sales

How it works

Our key partners

A partner since 2015, Total Group relies on Touch’s innovative products to offer more payment methods and digital services to its millions of customers throughout its network of stations in

The Touch platform is certified by Worldline, a subsidiary of Atos Group, world leader in the payments and transactional services sector. Worldline also accompanies us in the hosting and operation of our